Inspired by the infinite beauty of nature, water, light, movement and the human form, Joanne strives to capture the energy and essence of the subject through drawing, mixed-media, acrylics and oils. Her choice of medium is integral to the idea, the concept defining the method of conveyance.


With translucent layers of colour capturing the depth of water and shapes distorted below, Joanne’s Swimmer paintings are studies in water and movement. Evoking the sensation of moving through water and capturing distortions of the figure, this series voices the dialogue between the swimmer and the element they're traversing.

Chalk Pastels
Layers of detail built up and smudged away, suggesting movement or hinting at a previous moment in time. Joanne’s explorations in chalk pastel drawings have a depth and expression, and are often referred to as ‘paintings".

Discovery through the process of layering and revealing evolves from mixed media. Joanne enjoys life drawing and often uses her sketches as the starting point – adhering drawings to a board, she works with the wrinkles and imperfections that appear, applying layers of colour and texture, expressing mood and evoking feeling.