Film Photography

I haven't posted my Photography here yet, but thought I'd start! I've been shooting a lot recently, and trying out wonderful new Films with my Sweetie. And we're developing our Black & White Film at home, in my kitchen! I love the grain of film, and the process and satisfaction of home developing. 

Here are a few Black & White Film photos, shot with my Canon EOS1N RS (aka "Baby") with the new-to-me, reissued, legendary Adox Scala 160 ISO BW Reversal Film (previously Silvermax) and home developed with Mark (

Link to my album on Flickr:…/147855380…/albums/72157692241192830

"... compared to the original film, this improved version comes in a slower speed (160 ISO) and finer grain... It features an increased silver content (in comparison to a negative film) ... and due to a very efficient anti-halation layer, situated between the base and emulsion layers, the film offers very good resolving power and high contour sharpness."