Back to Life Drawing!

After the summer off, we’re back to Life Drawing! And we had the lovely Carolina — always such a wonderful model!!

Girls on Film

Mannequins shot with my beloved Holga on Rollei CrossBird 200 slide (cross process) film. A few weekends ago Mark and I came across these fabulous mannequins outside the new Tap & Barrel patio! Two rather drunk and happy guys hopped over to tell us their story about buying them from a Lingerie storing closing in the Quay! Was such a great photo opportunity!!

The link to my Flickr album and the rest of the roll of fabulous Rollei CrossBird Film <3

Film Photography

I haven't posted my Photography here yet, but thought I'd start! I've been shooting a lot recently, and trying out wonderful new Films with my Sweetie. And we're developing our Black & White Film at home, in my kitchen! I love the grain of film, and the process and satisfaction of home developing. 

Here are a few Black & White Film photos, shot with my Canon EOS1N RS (aka "Baby") with the new-to-me, reissued, legendary Adox Scala 160 ISO BW Reversal Film (previously Silvermax) and home developed with Mark (

Link to my album on Flickr:…/147855380…/albums/72157692241192830

"... compared to the original film, this improved version comes in a slower speed (160 ISO) and finer grain... It features an increased silver content (in comparison to a negative film) ... and due to a very efficient anti-halation layer, situated between the base and emulsion layers, the film offers very good resolving power and high contour sharpness."

Weekly Life Drawing

The lovely Carolina was our model again last week!

Weekly Life Drawing

Carolina's such a great model! A few drawing's from last week's session.

Simply Drawing 2018 Annual Art Show & Sale

Our Simply Drawing Annual Show is coming up soon!

Artists in attendance, with figure drawings and paintings for sale.

One night only!! 
Friday June 22, 6 pm – 9 pm
125 Garden avenue, North Vancouver

Weekly Life Drawing – mid May session

Had such a great drawing session with @barry_the_model visiting from LA. Amazing model!

Weekly Life Drawing – posting from a late April session

Helené was a wonderful model! Really enjoy our sessions at Simply Drawing (

Weekly Life Drawing

Anne was a lovely model!

Weekly Life Drawing

Drawings from this week's session with the lovely Simona

Venus Rising: Paintings and Drawings


Currently on display at Il Centro Italian Cultural Centre
January 23 until 5 April, 2018

A few photos of my series – aptly described as 'Renaissance Andy Warhol'. A series of digital print transfers of my drawing onto unstretched canvas, and then embellished in a series of progression and references to elements in the original painting.

Venus Rising — Our life drawing group's show!

Venus Rising: Paintings and Drawings Opening Reception

Hosted by Il Centro Italian Cultural Centre
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
7 PM - 9 PM

Venus Rising

There are certain works of art that reach such a level of fame that they become an archetypal reference point or even a catalyst for our meditations on the mysteries of human existence. Botticelli’s Birth of Venus (or Venus Rising) c. 1480 is one such painting. In this work the viewer becomes a witness to the birth of Venus. In this exhibition 14 artists study and reinterpret this painting. For 15 months these artists have contemplated, examined and recast this monumental artistic achievement. In the process they have reflected deeply on its impact on the history of art, feminism, and popular culture. How has this painting shaped our notions of physical beauty, they ask?

The exhibition’s opening night will be held within the museum from 7pm to 9pm, where light refreshments will be served.

Admission to this event is free.

Weekly Life Drawing

Lovely session with Kaitlin – beautiful, classic poses with a modern/retro look.

Christmas Open Studios!

Come by for our Welch Street Studios Christmas Open House!
Sunday, Dec. 3rd  |  Noon - 5pm
1178 Welch Street, North Vancouver

Weekly Life Drawing

A great session this week with the always lovely model, Carolina! especially loved the wintery theme and scarf!

Weekly Life Drawing

Last week's session, with AJ, at Simply Drawing.

Looking back at the Sep 28th Life Drawing session

We had a lovely (new to us) model, Melissa. A range of quick gesture and longer poses.

Looking back at the September 15th Life Drawing session

The lovely model, Carolina!

Life Drawing, with horns!

A few drawings from October 5th, and a fun last pose with horns!