Venus Rising — Our life drawing group's show!

Venus Rising: Paintings and Drawings Opening Reception

Hosted by Il Centro Italian Cultural Centre
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
7 PM - 9 PM

Venus Rising

There are certain works of art that reach such a level of fame that they become an archetypal reference point or even a catalyst for our meditations on the mysteries of human existence. Botticelli’s Birth of Venus (or Venus Rising) c. 1480 is one such painting. In this work the viewer becomes a witness to the birth of Venus. In this exhibition 14 artists study and reinterpret this painting. For 15 months these artists have contemplated, examined and recast this monumental artistic achievement. In the process they have reflected deeply on its impact on the history of art, feminism, and popular culture. How has this painting shaped our notions of physical beauty, they ask?

The exhibition’s opening night will be held within the museum from 7pm to 9pm, where light refreshments will be served.

Admission to this event is free.